Great Bear Rainforest


Great Bear Rainforest Expeditions

Outer Shores offers intimate tours of Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest and Great Bear Sea, a magical region of stunning beauty and immense biodiversity. Let us show you a place you’ll never forget  a place that offers new surprises and captures the imagination like few places on earth.

May  June 2017  •  8 days / 7 nights  •  6 guests  •  $4,995 CAD

Learn about how recovering sea otter populations
are transforming this region, and observe grizzly bears
grazing in coastal estuaries.

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Sept  October  2017  •  9 days / 8 nights  •  6 guests  •  $5,995 CAD

Explore glacier-carved fjords and estuaries in your search for salmon, bears, whales, and wolves in the largest intact coastal temperate rainforest on earth.

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August  2017  •  9 days / 8 nights  •  6 guests  •  $5,995 CAD

Witness the amazing return of the humpback and fin whales of “Whale Haven” and the rich biodiversity of the Great Bear Sea and Rainforest.

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Sept 28  October 6, 2017  •  9 days / 8 nights  •  6 guests  •  $5,995 CAD

Explore biologically rich estuaries teeming with wildlife. This is a perfect backdrop for honing your nature and wildlife photography skills.

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