Joel White



No water, no life. No blue, no green.”  Sylvia Earle

Joel was raised in BC, living in the mountains and playing in the ocean. The son of a biologist, he has spent most of his life flipping over rocks and digging in holes to see what he can find. He studied biology and oceanography at the University of Victoria, and learned to sail with the Sail and Life Training Society on tall ships very similar to Passing Cloud. He has worked on dive expeditions measuring coral reef biodiversity in the Philippines and Fiji, has measured primary productivity in the Arctic Ocean from a Canadian icebreaker, and studied at both the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre in Barkley Sound and the Hakai Institute on Calvert Island. When not sailing with Passing Cloud, he splits his time between the Canadian mountains and his new home on the west coast of Sweden, where he assists with graduate research and continues to sail, ski, and learn. Joel is particularly passionate about intertidal and nearshore ecosystems, most likely as a result of flipping over too many rocks with his father, and about trying to decipher the complex interactions between species that shape ecosystems. He greatly enjoys sharing the learning opportunities provided by sailing on the BC coast.


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