On-Board Chefs

On-Board Chefs

Food, glorious food! Coastal exploration is hungry work, and that makes our on-board executive chefs very popular members of the crew. Each day aboard Passing Cloud, we break bread together, sharing great meals and lots of laughs. Our culinary team has cooked around the world, from luxury resorts in the Canadian wilderness to small-boat cruises in the Caribbean to fine dining destinations in Las Vegas and San Francisco. And all that experience comes in handy when working in a galley-sized space that stands at an angle when the Captain sets sail!

Our chefs embrace the challenge of cooking at sea because they love to share the foods and wines of British Columbia in settings that few will ever see. And our chefs know that the next great find could be just around the corner  sea asparagus, Dungeness crab, spot prawns, edible kelp, rockfish…. Explore our chefs’ detailed biographies to learn more about their passion for food.

“…Meals and snacks are provided by a roster of local chefs that hop on for a voyage or two… culinary delights that surpassed most of the luxury cruises I’ve taken. Seriously – the food was stunning…”

Aaron Saunders, The Province, October 2016

On-board Chefs

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