Natasha Sawyer

Natasha Sawyer -1


Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  Ferris Bueller

Natasha’s lifelong passion for food began at the early age of seven years old, when she first found her love and passion for the culinary arts. She was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, lived a number of years in Alberta, and currently calls Vancouver, BC, home. She has been working in the tourism and hospitality industry for over 12 years, from the Lake O’Hara Lodge in beautiful Yoho National Park to Burdock and Co. in downtown Vancouver. Natasha is a proud graduate of the SAIT culinary apprenticeship program and with her Red Seal certification, she joins Outer Shores’ rotating team of on-board executive chefs. 

Natasha hopes to one day bring together her passions for food and science fiction to form a definitive study of the depictions of food within science fiction. From the description of the goop in The Matrix (a single celled protein combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins, and minerals  everything the body needs!) to alien foods such as Bajoran hasperat and blue Bantha milk and the future of food production by “replicators” and “food machines,” it all interests Natasha. Imagining the future of food without cooks is somewhat depressing, though, so Natasha really hopes that bit of science fiction doesn’t happen. The human touch would be lost, cooks would be out of work, and an important means of expressing culture, creativity, and love would be lost.

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