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“Thank you for the most wonderful 5 days. I’m still chilled from being on deck watching a humpback breath, but so warmed through and through by your hospitality, knowledge, sense of fun and enthusiasm for this beautiful Barkley Sound. We started with a grey whale, visited a black bear, travelled along with beautiful Harlequin ducks, murres, and loons. We stood on rocky windswept islands hearing stories from times past, visited fish traps and more middens than I thought possible. Our every need was anticipated, the food was incredible, and the smiles were infectious.” — Nadine, ON, CANADA

“Sometimes in life, we are lucky enough to have perfect experiences. I will hold this perfect week in my heart and soul for all of my days to come. Thanks to the crew of the Passing Cloud for an exciting, delicious and seamless journey. I hope we meet again.” — Jennifer, LA, USA

“We continue to be in awe of all the experiences you devise for these trips, from the big seascapes with rainbows, whales, and native villages, and ancient fish weirs, to life in small coastal communities. We loved it all, the camaraderie, superb food, and sailing at 8.9 knots!” — Sharon and Hans, BC, CANADA

“Thank you for being such gracious and generous hosts, for sharing your passion and wealth of knowledge. What a rich experience it was to be immersed in BC’s coastal beauty for 5 days. Awesome!” — Ursula, BC, CANADA

“Thank you all for an awesome outing aboard the Passing Cloud. Everything was amazing — the food, the company, the things I learned about sailing & sea life…the Passing Cloud took me to places that I would most likely never get to on my own. She is a beautiful schooner “Just like the pictures!” — Maureen, BC, CANADA

“Thanks for a trip of a lifetime, Passing Cloud is one of the finest ships we’ve been aboard. Gourmet four and five course meals, the beauty of the islands, Denis: history of the area made everything so special. Russ’s knowledge of the sea and the hail in zodiac — nice black bear and beautiful weather. Looking forward to another trip on the sea.” — Christy and John, CA, USA

“Thanks to the friendly, knowledgeable, fun-loving crew for sharing their love of the sea and sailing, and in Matteo’s case fine cuisine, with us and making us feel truly at home on the sea. And thanks to Denis for his passionate descriptions of the populations that peopled these islands so many years ago. His stories and enthusiasm made hillocks of broken shell and composted earth come alive. Thanks especially to Captain Matt for leading this crew and ensuring that the sails (including the brand-new genoa) were up every day and we were able to enjoy the serenity and peace of truly “smooth sailing”. A trip that will live forever in my mind. Thank you!” — Anne, ON, CANADA

“We just returned from the expedition through Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve with Outer Shores Expeditions. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the area, the wildlife we saw, and the historic Haida culture we were exposed to. That would have been enough, but the knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm from Russ, Joel, and Cate was infectious. No question went unanswered and not a single moment was boring. And who could forget the mist in the air and raven in the tree as we walked around SGang Gwaay on the tour led by the Haida Watchman–it couldn’t have been better. This expedition rates a 27 on a scale of 1 to 10. This expedition, and I’m sure all of their others, are not to be missed. We look forward to the next one.” Jonathan and Ellen, BC, CANADA

“Thanks so much for the wonderful journey aboard Passing Cloud, a fantastic ship, an excellent Captain and Crew, spectacular wildlife sightings, the ancient feel of the village sites. I had been wanting to visit SGang Gwaay for about 20 years and it was very satisfying to finally have the chance to do so, and to imagine what it was like in the distant past as a living community.” — Theresa, ON, CANADA

“As a Nova Scotian, having the opportunity to take the helm of a classic Roué schooner under full sail was an experience I will remember forever. Our passage on Passing Cloud was exceptional in all respects – the natural environment, history, culture, and most importantly the people who we shared this experience with.” — Jim, NS, CANADA

“During one of the glorious days at sea, I was listening to 10 humpback whales, 2 fin whales, the wind on the land, and waves lapping against Passing Cloud. I suddenly realized I heard Haida Gwaii calling me. We arrived as guests but we leave as friends. Who could ask for more?” — Rick, ON, CANADA

“I couldn’t stop saying WOW and each WOW was bigger than the last. You really know where to take guests to see absolutely stuffing wildlife. Still wondering what you paid that humpback whale to do that performance. The sea lions, puffins, the sandhill crane, eagles, bears, the list goes one. After these wonderful experiences we were every day and every moment treated like Royalty. The Captain and Crew are outstanding.” — Charles, BC, CANADA

“Many, many thanks for a very special week on a fantastic boat with the best crew ever! All the best and for sure we’ll meet again.” — Herman, Matthew and Robert, NETHERLANDS

“Awesome! Overwhelming! Will be ‘processing’ the experience for many days, months! A privilege to sea accomplished seamen at work, the transition of ancient Haida culture to the new generation, and the majestic scenery and wildlife.” — Ian and Joyce, ON, CANADA

“The Pacific Northwest is home for us and learning about and experiencing the richness of the history of Haida Gwaii is truly a remarkable thing. The experience on Passing Cloud was an extension of the welcoming spirit we felt on Haida Gwaii. It pervades the environment and makes our time here that much more special. I feel like I’ve just barely tapped the surface of the richness of the land, the sea, the people, and the culture. An adventure that exceeded our expectations!” — Mac and Penny, WA, USA

“Thank you so much for an amazing trip! Your attention to detail and fantastic personalities made this adventure the trip of a lifetime!” — John, BC, CANADA

“What a gift this has been. Beyond expectations, impossible to do justice to in words. You’ve created an amazing experience that we’ll all cherish for the rest of our lives. A thousand “Howas!” — Susan, BC, CANADA

“This trip was more than I could have asked for as a person living in a world where the future of our planet and all of her inhabitants is in question.  This trip gave me hope – not only that the Great Bear Rainforest still exists, but seeing the conservation work people are doing first hand, including providing the opportunity for this beautiful place to be seen and to inspire others. Anyone wanting to experience adventure, inspiration, the most natural beauty, profound animal encounters, once in a lifetime photography experiences, and the trip of a lifetime with genuine and amazing people who truly care about you having the best excursion possible – travel with Outer Shores.” — Barbara, AB, CANADA

“Every time I come aboard, the Passing Cloud feels more and more like home. This is partly due to the heart and soul of this ship, but mostly because of the people on board. From the mystical Kermode (Spirit) bears to the breaching whales, this trip has been a journey like no other. To the ship, the crew, and our undeniably charismatic Captain Russell, thank you for the trip of a lifetime.” — Lauren, MT, CANADA

“We leave the Passing Cloud looking at the world through different eyes. Russ and Volker shared so much knowledge, Devon created magic in the galley, and Matt took care of our every need. We were able to put ticks in every box of our wish list – yes, even the elusive Spirit Bear, and we will remember this experience always.” — Marion and Glen, ON, CANADA

“Holy smokes! We’ve been blessed with many adventures and this is certainly one of the “GREAT” ones. You exceeded our expectations on many fronts. It has been like travelling with old friends. We hope to see you again soon!” — Lynda and Craig, BC, CANADA

“What a trip! We are speechless and honestly don’t know what to say or where to begin. Thank you all so much for such wonderful days with amazing experiences! Whale watching, seeing bears, sea otters, sea lions, seals, eagles, jumping salmon, subtidal wall, Cetacea Lab, Klemtu…it will take a long time for us to process all the impressions and photos!” — Kinnby Family, SWEDEN

“Awesome, stunning, and surreal. I’ve waited for years to cruise this area and was not disappointed! I will come back to these cruising grounds again and it will be aboard Passing Cloud. Russ, Joel, Volker, and Graham – you are an awesome team that will never be equalled.” — Rick, ON, CANADA

“Thank you for a truly awesome trip. The highlights – there was almost nothing but highlights – the bears, the whales, the natural world, the sounds, the seas – above all the companionship.” — Ashley, BC, CANADA

“Dear Matt, Joel, Graham, Rosie….and Russell. You have been awesome in taking me on a heavenly expedition that has greatly furthered my love for the Great Bear Rainforest and BC! Thank you for sharing your passions. I will remember you, our experiences together, and especially how you took my grandson Sam under your wing.” — David, PA, USA

“Everything was impressive about this trip. Every day stunning adventure, scenery, megafauna, and the friends we’ve made and been able to share the days with. We will share with all our friends an understanding and realization of a pristine and vulnerable coast.” — Sharon and Hans, BC, CANADA

“We approached this trip with such anticipation and the reality exceeded all our hopes so our memory banks are full of inspirational recollections. So many wonderful experiences made extra special by sharing with others; our wonderful crew and new friends.” — Peter and Anne, UK

“Leaving Passing Cloud and the Great Bear Rainforest after an amazing journey – both physical and spiritual. The ship, crew, and of course Russ, have transcended our expectations with a truly spectacular environment.” — Renée, MT, CANADA

“The inspiration provided by this trip will live on for years to come. Highlights: Spirit bear, humpback whale breaching near Whale Point, the Crew (Graham, Molly, Joel, and Russ). Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” — Owen, BC, CANADA

“Good thing my bucket list included a family sailing trip or this wonderful adventure would never have happened! Thanks to Russ, Joel, and Carmen for making it all happen. Loved the million whales we viewed, among all the other sea creatures, as well as the kayaking, exploring, eating, swimming, eating, learning, sailing, eating, and just plain old relaxing. The Passing Cloud rocks!” — Patti, AB, CANADA

“Thrilling experience, we enjoyed every minute, especially the wonderful immersion in the Outer Shores World. Life is all about experience & learning and we go away with much to think about. The food and care was so excellent. We felt in secure hands with our great crew. Excellent educational talks and information!” — Hans and Sharon, BC, CANADA

“Russ and Joel were the friendliest and most helpful people we could have. I had my 14th birthday on this trip and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. We saw so many things, such as a pod of 25 orcas, a whale that tail slapped for a solid 10 minutes, and 7 porpoises riding our bow wave. Thank you so much for everything!” — Julian, AB, CANADA

“We came to this trip with very high expectations – but you have exceeded all of them! The boat is beautiful, clean, and comfortable. The food was fabulous. The marine mammals gave the performance of a lifetime. You were all knowledgeable, patient, and the BEST! Thank you for the greatest vacation EVER!” — Ziskind Family, ISRAEL

“Whales and Sails! Mission accomplished for sure. And as for allowing me to take the wheel on Passing Cloud – Wow! Thanks for sharing all this with us. The trips was amazing, certainly did/saw what we set our to do – even a sailing race, what more could we ask for. Thanks for the experience.” — Sandi and Steve, BC, CANADA

“I had a “whale” of a time on this great trip. Joel taught me some crazy knots, like the bowline and the sailors knot. Russ took us fishing and I think I found a new passion. We spent hours catching huge salmon, one even broke our line. Carmen made some great food and kept us well fed. I made some great memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you very much!” — Erik, AB, CANADA

“Thank you so much for an excellent adventure. Each day was packed with delights – on Passing Cloud, in the forests, on the beaches, in the sea, around the table. So many Wows! Outstanding meals, warm companionship, natural beauty, and much laughter!” — Ursula, BC, CANADA (Gwaii Haanas)

“Thanks for such a special intro to BC and Haida Gwaii. I don’t know how you manage to so competently sail, motor, navigate, chef (from scratch!) yet remain so friendly, relaxed, welcoming, and accommodating. I’ll treasure the many memories and shared good times.” — Judy, NC, USA (Gwaii Haanas)

“Many thanks for giving us a window into this amazing country at the edge of the world. It was an excellent adventure, sailing with spectacular wildlife. Matt, you’re a natural leader. We leave with great memories. Russ, captain and crew were excellent ambassadors of the Passing Cloud.” — Barb and Dave, ON, CANADA (Gwaii Haanas)

“What a gift! Thanks so much for making this an unforgettable vacation. We so appreciate all the personal attention you gave us. Truly a Five Star experience!” — George and Sandra, MN, USA (Gwaii Haanas)

“Thank you Russell, Erin, Liam, and James for another incredible journey into a place that will always stay with me – that has enriched my life – my love for our natural world has expanded and changed me forever – Passing Cloud – you are have also touched my heart.” — Julie, BC, CANADA (Great Bear Rainforest)

“You exceeded our expectations in every way. It was a very special experience to be in such a vast and unspoiled wilderness, to see and hear it, to see the wildlife in their natural surroundings. The captain and crew shared their passion with us and made us even more aware of the special beauty of this wonderful place.” — Ellen and Jack, NJ, USA  (Great Bear Rainforest)

“Thank you for the amazing time aboard your vessel. Every aspect of my experience was overwhelmingly good. Being in such an ancient part of the world that is largely untouched has given more awareness to my spirit and I believe those around me as well.” — Sam, BC, CANADA  (Great Bear Rainforest)

“Thank you once again for a great experience. Outer Shores turned out to be a fantastic discovery.” — Paul, CA, USA  (Pacific Rim National Park)

“Another awesome experience aboard the Passing Cloud. Thank you Russell, Joel, Carmen, an James for a delightful trip full of great photo opp’s – bears, eagles, a sea otter, sea lions, sun sets, sun rises, and waves!” — Dieuwke, BC, CANADA  (Pacific Rim National Park)

“Thank you for being such gracious and generous hosts, for sharing your passion and wealth of knowledge. What a rich experience it was to be immersed in BC’s coastal beauty for 5 days. Awesome!” — Ursula, BC, CANADA  (Pacific Rim National Park)

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