Our Commitment

Our Commitment

At Outer Shores, we are committed to providing exceptional cultural and natural history expeditions that are adventurous, educational, safe, comfortable, and restful. We deliver expeditions of the highest quality in all aspects of our operations, from equipment, training, and safety to personalized service, comfortable accommodation, and exceptional chef-prepared meals. We are committed to minimizing our impacts on the wildlife we encounter and supporting the communities and cultures we visit. Our commitment extends beyond a simple business model.

At the heart of our commitment is connecting people with nature, fostering stewardship, and reducing our footprint on the planet. In this spirit, we integrate responsible ecotourism practices into our daily activities. We source and serve foods that are locally and sustainably grown, produced, raised, or caught. Our on-board recycling and composting programs help to divert waste from landfills. Our promotional materials and transactions are mostly Internet based, and when necessary we use 100% recycled post-consumer paper, saving trees, water, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy.

In each of the communities and cultures we visit, we partner with local people. We have tourism protocol agreements with First Nations whose territories we visit, and hire local guides and businesses whenever possible. We partner with parks, conservation areas, and governments, and obtain permits for all limited-use areas we visit.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we design itineraries that allow us to spend more time sailing in order to reduce our fuel consumption. Future projects aboard our ship include incorporating wind and solar power, and we are actively exploring converting our vessel to a diesel-electric hybrid engine. As a part of carbon-reduction commitment, we offset our carbon emissions and are certified Carbon Neutral.

In addition to becoming carbon neutral, we went through a strict assessment with Green Tourism Canada, and received a GOLD rating! Green Tourism was one of the world’s first sustainable tourism certification programs and it remains highly respected today because of its comprehensive assessments. While many sustainable certification programs allow businesses to submit self-assessments, Green Tourism Canada-certified businesses are assessed on-site by trained, third-party auditors who review everything from efficiencies to food sources.

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