Gwaii Haanas Islands on the Edge: Day 1

Gwaii Haanas Islands on the Edge: Day 1

Gwaii Haanas Day 1

As we awoke on the morning of day one, there was excitement on the ship while we made the final preparations for our guests to arrive! It was finally time. Laurel pulled into Morseby Camp, and Russ hopped into the Zodiac to bring over the guests. We made our introductions, got everyone settled into their accommodations, accompanied by a warm treat from Chef Geoff. While our new ship mates began to unpack and get moved into their cabins, it was time for us to pull up the anchor and head out into the waters of Haida Gwaii. The first part of the morning included covering all of the important information about life onboard the ship: The Transport Canada safety briefing, the Gwaii Haanas introduction, how to use the head, where everything onboard is etc. Once this was out of the way we were free to relax out on deck with a warm cup of coffee in hand as we looked out for wildlife.


Our first stop was to the village of K’uuna Llnagaay (Skedans). Skedans is a very popular village site as it is located within close proximity of Morseby Camp so it tends to be busier than the other sites. As we off loaded at the site the Haida Watchmen were in full swing taking groups through, but they never missed a beat.  Skedans, which once was home to as many as 30 longhouses still showcases standing memorial and mortuary poles along with the depressions in the ground where longhouses once stood. The village site was an amazing first immersion into Haida Gwaii, within hours of the trip starting we were already witnessing 1000s of years of history, the pride of the Haida Culture and spectacular scenery.

A fawn resting in the depressions of a longhouse in Skedans
A fawn resting in the depressions of a longhouse in Skedans

After we left Skedans we continued on to cross into the limits of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area, and Haida Heritage Site.  As the day progressed and and evening drew closer it was time to find a quiet harbour for the evening. We pulled into McEchran Cove, which was one of the most picturesque anchorages I have ever seen. Large mountains towering over head, a small beach nestled between the trees, the sound of a trickling waterfall in the distance and giant jellies everywhere you looked in the still waters. We served dinner on the aft deck taking in our first evening in Gwaii Haanas before settling into the salon to warm up beside the stove while Captain Russ began his first “Chart Chat.” Before we knew it day one was over and it was time to turn in for the evening.


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