Happy Holidays from Outer Shores

Happy Holidays from Outer Shores

From all of us at Outer Shores Expeditions, we want to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!

Because one of the best ways to inspire is to share, we wanted to share with you the moments that made 2014 extra special for us.

Happy Holidays!
Russell Markel and the Outer Shores Crew


Outer Shores Crew 2014 Season Highlights:

  1. Operating our first-ever expeditions on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in time for spawning herring and migrating gray whales! (Pacific Rim National Park Expedition)
  2. Operating our first-ever photography tour with James Thompson Photography. (Pacific Rim National Park Photography Expedition)
  3. Encountering a pod of 25 rarely seen Risso’s dolphins in Burnaby Narrows. (Gwaii Haanas Expedition)
  4. Having our Inland Air floatplane pilot (Peter) radio to let us know that there were approximately 12 fin whales in our vicinity, and viewing these incredible animals on the first day of our expedition! (Gwaii Haanas Expedition)
  5.  Finding the “best-ever” Japanese glass fishing float. (Gwaii Haanas Expedition)
  6.  Rounding Cape St. James under full sail. (Gwaii Haanas Expedition)
  7. The many times we were able to deploy our hydrophone and listen to the stunning vocalizations of killer whales. (Johnstone Strait/Blackfish Sound Expedition)
  8. After a long dry summer, witnessing the first rains that brought the salmon into the “Salmon Forest.” (Great Bear Rainforest Expedition)
  9. The many bear cubs (and adults!) we saw this year. (Great Bear Rainforest Expedition)
  10.  Seeing our guests experience sailing on the schooner Passing Cloud for the first time. (Everywhere)



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