Latest News from Outer Shores

Latest News from Outer Shores


Spring is an exciting time of the year for Outer Shores Expeditions as we shift from months of preparing for the start of the season to departing on our inaugural expedition! The crew has now left Victoria’s Inner Harbour and is sailing the Broken Group Islands with Passing Cloud’s first group of guests!

At the top of our off season to do list this year was obtaining our official Green Tourism Certification and our collaboration with Synergy Enterprises as we look to create a carbon neutral guest experience. We are thrilled to see these projects come to life as we begin the 2015 sailing season!
Russell Markel, PhD
Founder and President

A gold grade from Green Tourism Canada

Earlier this month we sat down with Sean McFetridge, a local assessor for Green Tourism Canada to evaluate how we are doing with our sustainability initiatives. It was a great experience, and we are very proud to have received a GOLD rating! We are thrilled to be apart of this growing and respected network of businesses dedicated to working towards a sustainable tourism industry.

Some of our initiatives are:

Spotter Pro: Developed by, Spotter Pro is an app that allows us to create a database of each of our wildlife encounters. We are very excited to launch the app this season, which allows us to provide the scientific and conservation community with on-the-ground data that would otherwise be very costly and difficult for them to collect themselves.
Our office: We are very proud to reside in the Victoria Quay Business Centre. One of the best parts of operating out of this shared business centre is that we are in a LEEDPlatinum certified building!
Carbon Monitoring: We are collaborating with Victoria-based consulting company Synergy Enterprises as we work towards lowering our carbon footprint, and offsetting what we cannot to become carbon neutral.
Ship Upgrades: Switching over to LED lights and low-flow water faucets onboard to lower our use of energy and water.

Wildlife Spotlight: 20,000 Grey Whales Can’t be Wrong!

gray whale by Gem

Our already richly diverse marine wildlife population is currently getting a heavy infusion of as many as 20,000 grey whales this spring! The migrating grey whales are joining the marine wildlife population on the West Coast of Vancouver Island as they make their way towards the Bering, Chuckchi and Beaufort Seas for the summer.

This awe inspiring migration is one of the longest of any mammal on earth, passing through Pacific Rim National Park just as the Pacific Herring are spawning. The whales feast on the roe deposited on kelp in our waters. These large mammals also feed on tiny bottom-dwelling creatures using their baleen to filter the food out from the sediment of the ocean floor.

We will be on the look out for grey whales aboard Passing Cloud by keeping our eyes out for their lack of a dorsal fin, and the presence of barnacles over most of their body. Our chef Gem was able to capture the shot above last spring in Pacific Rim.
Experience the Grey Whale Migration in Pacific Rim

It’s not too late!

Don’t worry, it’s not too late (quite yet) to join us onboard Passing Cloud for this spring or summer! With exchange rates as they are – 1 USD = 1.25 CAD and 1 EUR = 1.35 CAD –  there has never been a  better time to experience the BC Coast or truly discover your own backyard with Outer Shores!

Repositioning Cruises
June 6-13: Inside Passage and Broughton Archipelago ($1950 CAD)

Haida Gwaii Archipelago – Islands at the Edge
July 4-11 and July 28-Aug 4: $4550 CAD (Special Offer 10% off)

Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound – Whales by Sails
August 9-14 and August 15-20: $2950 CAD

Great Bear Rainforest – Orcas AND Bears expedition
August 22-30: $4680 CAD

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Follow Passing Cloud

Did you know you can follow Passing Cloud as she sails the BC coast? We use Yellow Brick Tracking onboard to give hourly updates of our location!
Find out where Passing Cloud is now!


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