Expedition Crew

Expedition Crew

Our expedition crew consists of Captains and Mates certified by Transport Canada. Ensuring the safety of our guests, crew, and ship is the paramount responsibility of our Captains, whom you will find spend a majority of their time engaged in vessel operations, navigation, route planning, weather monitoring, and, of course, sailing. But our Captains are also our Expedition Leaders, and they work closely with all the crew to weave together the best possible expeditions for our guests. Our Mates are true multitaskers, actively involved in vessel operations, shore excursions, inflatable boat excursions, and wildlife viewing, as well as on-board guest services and assisting our chefs.

We hope you’ll explore the biographies below to learn about the qualifications and experience of our Captains and Mates. From traditional tall ships to luxury mega-yachts, and from Canadian Coast Guard high-speed zodiacs to instructional sailing, our Captains and Mates have a wealth of experience working as mariners on the BC coast and around the world. And what they all have in common is their pride for our ship, the schooner Passing Cloud.

Expedition Crew


Michael Monk


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