Dan Baker


“The free exploring mind of the individual human is the most beautiful thing in the world.” – John Steinbeck

Dan joins us aboard the Passing Cloud in 2017 for an exciting season in the Great Bear Rainforest. Dan has completed his Bachelor of Science degree, consisting of a Major in Geography, a concentration in Earth Systems, a Minor in Human Dimensions of Climate Change, and highlighted field studies in Whale Ecology from the University of Victoria.  Dan is passionate about supporting a sustainable tourism industry on the BC coast and believes that eco-tourism is an effective way to build an appreciation of coastal ecosystems and to support conservation values. Dan has circumnavigated Vancouver Island and sailed through South-east Alaska. His many memories come from working with youth and showing them the wonders of nature from a sailboat. Dan says, “the most rewarding memories are watching people connect with their new environment and new community for the first time, or from a new perspective.”  Dan believes that being a part of something like this allows for that life-changing moment when someone sees the beauty of the pristine wilderness for the first time.

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