Briony Penn

Onboard Naturalist

Briony has been a naturalist on the coast for nearly 30 years and loves sharing her passion for all things coastal.  A fifth-generation islander, she has a keen interest in both the natural and cultural history of the coast. Her award-winning books document some of these stories and she has just finished a collaboration with Xenaksiala elder, Wa Xaid (Cecil Paul) on his life growing up in the Kitlope and finishing an almanac on the Salish Sea. She has worked from Alaska to the Salish Sea and her current book is about the return of Common Murres to the Farallon Islands. She has her PhD in Geography from Edinburgh University and taught in the Environmental Studies program at UVic where she is now an adjunct professor. As an award-winning writer and illustrator, she is always interested in whatever is going on whether it is a tide pool or an ancient forest. Her columns have been published in the capital region for over 25 years. She is a founder of The Land Conservancy of BC and sits on various boards for conservation and cultural restoration. Her favourite animals are newts and nudibranchs.

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