Spring in the Great Bear Rainforest

Spring in the Great Bear Rainforest

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Spring in the Great Bear Rainforest – Islands, Otters, Bears, and Ancient Forests

Spring GBRF 2-1
This coming May and June, we’re offering intrepid eco-adventurers the chance to join us for two, week-long spring cruises into the southern end of the Great Bear Rainforest – the largest remaining tract of intact coastal temperate rainforest in the world! In recent years, we’ve waited until summer before venturing into the Great Bear, so these particular tours present a unique opportunity for wildlife lovers to witness nature coming to life in one of Canada’s richest biological regions.
Under the snow-capped peaks of the coastal mountain ranges, we’ll look for sleepy grizzly bears emerging from their dens to graze on sedges and grasses. We will have the opportunity to witness migratory birds and the blossoming of many regional plants, including the bears’ beloved salmonberries.

The wildlife viewing on the water is perhaps even better, with these rich waters being home to humpback whales and fin whales, orcas, Pacific white-sided dolphins, porpoises, sea otters, sea lions, and seals.

These expeditions will also include visits to the Hakai Institute’s Calvert Island field station and First Nations communities.

Spring GBRF -1
In Depth: Hakai Luxvbalis Conservancy

One of the highlights of the Spring in the Great Bear Rainforest cruise is the time we’ll spend in the Hakai Luxvbalis Conservancy. Located north of Vancouver Island, along British Columbia’s Central Coast, this beautiful and remote archipelago is BC’s largest provincial marine park.

The Hakai Luxvbalis Conservancy features a remarkably diverse landscape. Here you’ll find exposed and rocky shorelines, idyllic white-sand beaches, coastal lagoons, reversing tidal rapids, lush coastal forests, and 1,000-metre (3,200-foot) mountain peaks.

This area is also a world-famous salmon fishing destination and given such a food-rich environment, it’s no surprise that there’s other wildlife to see here. Bears, wolves, cougars, and deer roam islands surrounded by waters teeming with marine mammal species, including humpback whales and orcas. And don’t forget to look up to the sky, as more than 100 bird species have been spotted here.
For more information on our spring 2017 cruises into the Great Bear Rainforest, check out our schedules and expedition brochure.


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