Whale Channel, Great Bear Rainforest

Explore below to learn about the wide array of activities you’ll enjoy at Outer Shores Lodge and aboard the Passing Cloud.

Bear Viewing

The BC coast is home to grizzly bears, black bears, and the iconic white Spirit bear, and viewing and learning about these amazing animals is frequent activity during all our expeditions, particularly in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Whale Viewing

Encountering, viewing, photographing, and learning about whales, dolphins, and porpoises (collectively known as Cetaceans) is a frequent highlight of our expeditions.


Jump in a kayak from Passing Cloud or Outer Shores Lodge and serenely explore nearby shorelines. You may be surprised by what you encounter!

Wildlife Learning

Much more than wildlife viewing, learning about the wildlife we encounter, the ecosystems we visit, and conservation concerns and initiatives is a big part of the Outer Shores experience.

Nature Walks

Enjoy casual interpretive walks with our Expedition specialists along remote beaches, amongst tidepools or moss-laden old-growth forests, and enjoy what you see and learn!


Given the spectacular nature of the wildlife, landscapes, and seascapes of the BC coast, photography is popular part of our expeditions, from smartphone cameras to professional photography tours.

Cultural Site Visits

The BC coast is home to an amazing diversity of Indigenous cultures, and we are grateful to be able to respectfully include numerous guided cultural site visits as part of our expeditions.


Living, traveling, exploring, and sailing aboard the 70’ classic wooden schooner, Passing Cloud, our guests enjoy a rare opportunity to enjoy a piece of Canadian maritime history.

Boat Excursions

Whether aboard the schooner Passing Cloud or at Outer Shores Lodge, small boat excursions are our favourite way to get up close and personal with the BC coast.