nature walks

Whale Channel, Great Bear Rainforest

Casual interpretive nature walks are a frequent part of our expeditions. Depending on the region, we normally go ashore a couple of times each day to explore and learn about environments and flora and fauna. For example, exploring the rocky intertidal zone and tidepools of a remote island on the west coast of Vancouver Island; walking through a moss-laden old-growth rainforest, or walking barefooted along a white-sand beach, in Gwaii Haanas; or following a magical trail up to a waterfall in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Often, but not always, our nature walks occur in tandem with other activities, including Cultural Site Visits, Wildlife Learning, and Photography.
All of our Nature Walks are guided by our crew and interpretation is provided by our expedition specialists. Before going ashore, you will be provided with a pre-departure briefing from our crew that includes a description of the terrain, difficulty, expected weather and length of time ashore, and any site-specific features that you should be aware of.
Our guides ashore with our guests are all trained in wilderness first aid and equipped with VHF radios, satellite phones, first aid kits, and an AED.

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