Wildlife Learning

Whale Channel, Great Bear Rainforest

Encountering, viewing, photographing, and learning about coastal wildlife is a key focus of our expeditions throughout the BC coast. Admittedly, the charismatic mega-fauna, including whales, bears, wolves, sharks, and sea otters, are always exhilarating highlights for guests and crew alike; however, you might be surprised by what you learn about strange fishes, such as ocean sunfish, or the life cycles of barnacles and longevity of sea urchins. 

Much more than wildlife viewing, a big part of the Outer Shores experience is learning about the wildlife we encounter, the habitats and ecosystems we visit, and conservation concerns and initiatives that may be active in the region.

Most of our guests described themselves as life-long learners, and we enjoy helping our guests both dig into learning about species and topics, as well as understand the big pictures. We do in a number of ways, both informally and slightly more formally.

All of our crew members are avid naturalists and never miss an opportunity to join in and share their knowledge as we explore and encounter a wide range of coastal wildlife, both marine and terrestrial. 

Also, most of our expeditions are joined by dedicated Expedition Specialists who have expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including the hunting strategies of mammal-eating killer whales, seabird foraging habitats, indirect effects of sea otter recovery, conservation of grizzly bears, the ecology of coastal temperate rainforests, and more.

Impromptu discussions on deck, ashore, or amidst our extensive libraries, and semi-formal presentations (often accompanied by dessert!) are all normal parts of our expedition days. And as often as possible, we enjoy meeting with researchers, Guardians, Watchmen, First Nations, and numerous conservation organizations and chatting about what they’re working on.