Ocean Conservation, Education, and Nearshore Science (OCEaNS) Fund

Credit: James Thompson Photography


Outer Shores Expeditions proudly presents the Outer Shores OCEaNS Fund. This initiative marks a significant step in our commitment to the preservation of marine ecosystems through tourism-generated funding dedicated to ocean-based science, conservation, and education.

Commencing in 2025, a modest 3% OCEaNS Fund Contribution will be incorporated into pre-tax expedition fees, ensuring that every voyage with Outer Shores contributes to the protection and understanding of our precious marine environments.

Administered with transparency and accountability, 100% of the fund will be directed towards conservation-based projects along the British Columbia coast, with a primary focus on ocean conservation, education, and nearshore science.

The scope of supported projects spans from fundamental scientific research, which includes providing opportunities for graduate students, to monitoring and restoration projects, as well as community-based training and education initiatives.

Embracing transparency and engagement, each funded project will be required to provide quarterly reports and updates, fostering a connection between our guests and the tangible outcomes of their contributions.

Beyond expedition contributions, individuals passionate about ocean conservation can also make direct donations to the OCEaNS Fund, with the option to specify support for particular projects or project types. This inclusivity empowers our community to actively participate in shaping the future of our oceans.

We invite you to be part of this journey toward a sustainable future for our oceans. Through the Outer Shores OCEaNS Fund, every expedition becomes an opportunity to make a meaningful difference. 

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