Indigenous Artists and Creators

Indigenous Artists and Creators

In 2009 Canada declared June as National Indigenous History Month. These designated days and months can hold many different meanings, some good, and sometimes unintentionally not so good, particularly for those who it’s intended to highlight. We often see this with territorial acknowledgements and recognitions, but what goes beyond that acknowledgement? We hope that these designations can create awareness but that it doesn’t end there.

We’re very grateful to operate in remote First Nation Territories of the BC Coast and we are continually learning everyday by listening to those who came before us. Now more than ever, we want to make sure Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) are given the space to share their voice, their art, and their culture. As settlers on this land, we all have more to learn and that begins with listening.

Here are just a few artists and creators that we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with, or have been referred to us in our travels. We recognize that this list is predominantly Haida-centric as this is where we typically spend the majority of our expedition season. We will continue to add other artists and organizations as they are recommended. Please take the time to discover these wonderful works of art and creativity and join us in sharing this space to provide space for the works of these musicians, artists, writers, photographers, filmmakers, and more.

We invite suggestions to add to this list to create a working resource for continual learning and support. Some of these artists are regarded internationally and others are more locally represented. Please continue to do your own research and discover BIPOC artists and creators in your area and remember to also support your local bookstores and purveyors in the process.

We hope you enjoy clicking through the links below!


Artists and Carvers:

Gwaai Edenshaw
Jaalen Edenshaw
Christian White Kihlguulans
April White SGaana Jaad
Dorothy Grant
Tom Greene
Robert Davidson
Shoshannah Greene
Dustin Cross
Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas
Aay Aay Hans
Myles Edgars


Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Snotty Nose Res Kids
Jason Camp and the Posers
JB The First Lady
A Tribe Called Red
The Jerry Cans
Tanya Tagaq
Ms. Panik
DJ Kookum
Emma Stevens
Old Soul Rebel
Saltwater Hank
The Sorority

Photographers/Filmmakers/Digital Creators:

Helen Haig-Brown
Zoe Leigh Hopkins
Patrick Shannon, Nang K’uulas – InnoNative
Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers
Smayaykila Films Banchi Hanuse
Eli Hirtle
Winterhawk Studios
Asia Youngman


SGaawaay K’uuna/Edge of the Knife – Helen Haig Brown/Gwaai Edenshaw
The Mountain of SGaana – Christopher Auchter
Kayak to Klemtu – Zoe Leigh Hopkins
Invasion – Unist’ot’en: Heal the People, Heal the Land
Cry Rock – Banchi Hanuse
The Witness Blanket– Cody Graham, Carey Newman
Lekwungen: Place to Smoke Herring – Eli Hirtle


Eden Robinson – Monkey Beach
Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson – the Magic Beings of Haida Gwaii and Out of Concealment
Dr. Martha Black, Dr. Lorne Hammond, Dr. Gavin Hanke, with Nikki Sanchez – Spirits of the Coast
Thomas King – The Inconvenient Indian
Arthur Manuel & Grand Chief Ronald M. Derrickson – Unsettling Canada: A National Wake-up Call
Wab Kinew – The Reason You Walk
Harold R. Johnson – Peace and Good Order: The Case for indigenous Justice in Canada
Carey Newman and Kristie Hudson – Picking Up The Pieces: Residential School Memories and the Making of the Witness Blanket
Gregory Schofield – Witness, I Am
Zondra M. Roy – Homecoming
Katherena Vermette – The Break
Billy-Ray Belcourt – This Wound is a World
Joshua Whitehead – Johnny Appleseed
Terese Marie Mailhot – Heart Berries: A Memoir
Darrel McLeod – Mamaskatch
Bev Sellars – Price Paid & They Called me Number One
Bob Joseph – 21 Things You May Not Have Known About The Indian Act & Indigenous Relations: Insights, Tips, & Suggestions to Make Reconciliation a Reality
Arthur Manual and Grand Cheif Ronald M. Derrickson – A Reconciliation Manifesto: Recovering The Land, Rebuilding the Economy
Tanya Talaga – Seven Fallen Feathers

Massy Books – Vancouver

Additional Resources and Organizations:

Native Northwest
Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada
Longhouse Giftshop – Haida Gwaii
CBC Reclaimed
National Indigenous History Month
Coastal Peoples Fine Arts Gallery
Toronto Black Film Festival
UBC Aboriginal Films and Filmmakers Library
Black-Owned Restaurants in Canada – HuffPost
Some Black-owned Businesses and Organizations in Victoria
Strong Nations: Gifts, Books, Publishing – Nanaimo
Haida Heritage Centre
Umista Cultural Centre
Art BC – Aboriginal Culture
All About U Arts – Ben Davidson Gallery, Haida Gwaii
Martha Black – Bella Bella, A Season of Heiltsuk Art
Nuxalk Radio
Celebrate Indigenous Storytellers All Month Long – CBC
Music BC: Black and Indigenous Artists Matter – Spotify Playlist
Indigenous Corporate Training


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