Killer whales, kelp forests, and Haida Gwaii, Oh My!






Humpback Whale Photo Credit: Peter Schultz, 2013 Haida Gwaii Guest

3 Reasons to Explore Haida Gwaii Now

Learning the Ropes about Canada’s “Galapagos of the North”

Just two years after reverting to their traditional name, the former Queen Charlotte Islands are a wildlife-packed archipelago as culturally rich as they are mossy green. Here’s the top 3 reasons to travel there now.

  1. Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve: The lost world of Haida culture overflows with stunning wilderness: rugged mountains, salmon spawning streams and deep fjords. Wildlife – both on land and sea – abounds. The park is so impressive that National Geographic Traveler named it the #1 Park in North America. A small few lucky people visit a year, but that’s starting to change…
  2. The Haida First Nations: Enmeshed in the Islands’ rich ecological tapestry are more than 10,000 years of cultural heritage of the indigenous Haida Nation, renowned for their prosperity, artistry, and seamanship. Recognized as one of the most advanced First Nations in the world, the Haida are making a strong come-back and fiercely protecting the Island’s pristine ecosystems, from sea floor to mountain top.
  3. Wildlife, Sealife, Plantlife: This is a world where giant moss-laden spruce and cedar trees tower over enchanted salmon streams, and productive kelp forests and colourful intertidal communities fringe the interface between land and sea. The unparalleled diversity of marine life includes everything from puffins to albatrosses, sunfish to jellyfish, and killer whales to blue whales.

Our 8-day expedition, Haida Gwaii Archepelago – Islands at the Edge, is dedicated to exploring and learning about the ecosystems, wildlife, and cultural heritage of Haida Gwaii, Islands of the People. We only have a few cabins left on our July and August expeditions so now is the time to join.


Meet Your Chef: Gem Salsberg


Keeping you Ship Shape: Creating delicious, hearty meals in floating kitchens is a tough gig, but Outer Shores’ head chef Gem has refined it down to a science. For years Gem has cheffed aboard wilderness expeditions and for film and science projects, bringing with her a talent for beautiful food, and a devotion to creating a truly joyful experience in the wilderness. Gem will be aboard for all July 2014 expeditions.


Click here to view our Philosophy of Food (and a selection of photos from Gem’s amazing meals).


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