Expedition Guide & Deckhand

Franco Elgueta Rivera

Expedition Team

“I cannot take you any further tonight. But if I must be the one to take you somewhere, let it be the place of plants, of rain, of wind.”

– Ximena Rivera

Franco is a social scientist, wildlife photographer and grizzly bear guide with a deep interest in wildlife and people. Growing up along the shores of central Chile, he developed a fascination for birds and mastered the subtle art of recognizing (and mimicking) their calls.
After earning his degree in psychology, Franco focused his efforts exploring the link between humans and the natural world. His work with Indigenous communities in the southern rainforest of Chile led him to publish the book “Birds of Lafken Mapu: Stories from Mapuche Indigenous Land” in 2019.
Franco has contributed to social science research as a fieldwork ethnographer, aiming to help unravel the nuances of knowledge production within scientific communities. Alongside this journey, he actively participated in wildlife rescue programs, dedicating two years to the care of wild sea otters, cultivating patience and learning to speak mustelid.

In recent years, his love for the forest brought him to the pacific northwest. Franco has been working as a naturalist and bear guide in the Great Bear Rainforest, offering guests a unique perspective on bears and their habitat. He loves the challenge of helping them get the photo they are looking for, and the thrill of adding new bird species to his list.”