Heidi schaffer

Culinary Team

“Everything In Moderation, Including Moderation”

– Julia Child

For as long as I can remember food has always been my love language. Growing up,our folks would take us on off beaten adventures, sometimes in a sea kayak, sometimes exploring the mountains. As long as I was promised a cinnamon bun from alocal bakery or some kind of special treat I was all in!

Food is so much more than just fuelling the body for me, it’s connected to my history. I grew up with two powerful women in the kitchen: my Mom and my Grandmother. My Mom grew up on a farm in southern Alberta where my Grandmother tended large gardens that fed their family of 7 as well as the kids at the summer camp down the road. Picking raspberries in the garden with Grandma and then watching her prepare preserves while making bread are some of my fondest childhood memories. Grandma’s skills were passed onto my Mom. Growing up, I took the quality of our food and our home-cooked meals for granted. No matter where we were, our family always had home-cooked meals of some kind. Whether it be on the side of a beach cooking fish over a fire on the west coast or Mom preparing a turkey dinner feast for a full house at the family ski chalet. I’ve learned that food is meant to be shared with those that you love, wherever you may be.

I didn’t necessarily fall right into cooking, I explored a few different career paths before discovering culinary arts. I received a diploma in broadcasting out of high school then worked in Outdoor Education, Commercial Fishing, and Wildfire Fighting before getting involved in the family business. I now run the culinary program at our families remote backcountry lodge – Blanket Glacier Chalet southwest of Revelstoke, BC. Spending time at the ski Chalet in the winter months gives me the chance to test and explore my culinary skills, while also fulfilling my love for skiing and the outdoors. Creating a new dish at 1800m and then sharing it with people after a day of skiing is so rewarding. I plan to pursue this passion for many years to come and can’t wait to explore my new culinary journey with Passing Cloud in the summer months!