Cultural Guide

Megan "YÁLÁƛÍ" Humchitt

Expedition Specialists

“To be struck by the magnificence of nature is to be returned again, in all-too-brief moments, to the innocence which we were born.”

– Richard Wagamese

Megan lives in her hometown of Bella Bella, BC. As the daughter of Harvey Humchitt, Heiltsuk hereditary Chief, she grew up spending much of her time with her family out on the ocean learning about her ancestral territory and Heiltsuk culture and traditions. Her passion for fighting to protect her territory was instilled in her at a young age by her family and mentors.

Megan recently completed an Indigenous Tourism program through VIU. One of her goals is to explore what ecotourism looks like for the Heiltsuk Nation. She is committed to encouraging more Heiltsuk representation in this field and strongly believes there is a space for this in the traditional Heiltsuk territory.

Megan has recently been elected as Councillor for the Heiltsuk Tribal Council. Her passion for protecting the lands and ocean emanates from her cultural roots and deep connection to the place she calls home. Megan believes in making space for all voices of the Heiltsuk community, engaging and working together. She continues to work with other entities in the region on a contract basis with Pacific Wild and Hakai research Institute.