Norelle Donahue

Culinary Team

Brought up living the small town dream in the Okanagan, Norelle was first exposed to wholesome cooking by her ever talented Grams. Perfecting homestyle cooking in grade school, her passion continued further when she made the journey across the country to Montreal. There she studied French culinary arts at LaSalle Collège for professional cooking where she broadened her skills in French delicacies and patisseries. She excelled in culinary school, representing the college in various competitions throughout Canada. 

Soon after graduating, Norelle found herself back in BC with an opportunity working at a fast paced, high-end local resort. There she was given the chance to use her creativity to develop menus and collaborate with European trained chefs. 

She then found herself developing a passion for learning new skills in the health food industry, helping to develop sustainable recipes.  Eventually the travel bug caught up to her, and she began an adventure into the wilderness. 

Norelle has since been enjoying the mountain lifestyle, creating and cooking menus for back-country lodges and even working on glaciers. What truly makes her happy is being able to combine cooking, travel, and outdoor activities.