Seabird Biologist

Vivian Pattison

Expedition Specialists

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

– Gary Snyder

Vivian has a background in ecology and earth sciences and is now specializing in seabird ecology. She grew up on Haida Gwaii, and although she has moved away over the years to attend university she has always been lucky enough to have jobs that bring her back to the islands each summer.
She spent many summers guiding tours in Gwaii Haanas and then worked for five years for a small non-profit research organization, the Laskeek Bay Conservation Society. Through working at the Laskeek Bay field camp on Limestone Island, she developed a love for birds and seabirds in particular. She is now collaborating with the Canadian Wildlife Service to conduct research on foraging distribution of Ancient Murrelets around colonies in Haida Gwaii for her Master’s thesis at the University of Victoria.
Vivian has always enjoyed sharing knowledge about the natural history of Haida Gwaii and is excited to be able to continue doing this aboard the Passing Cloud this summer.