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It’s no secret: our talented crew and wonderful guests experience extraordinary and unforgettable moments out here on the Passing Cloud each and every day,whether it’s catching a glimpse of the rare white spirit bear, witnessing a transient orca breach or delighting in one of the many exquisite, locally-sourced meals prepared by our talented chef Gem.
However, there are also awe-inspiring moments to be had when not aboard our classic schoonerFor instance, with our Haida Gwaii Archipelago – Islands at the Edge, we’ve halved our travel distances and doubled the time available for us to experience this amazing archipelago by including a 50-minute floatplane flight at either the beginning or the end of your expedition.
The floatplane flight is an expedition in itself, offering expansive views of the “Islands of the People” as you fly to or from Rose Harbour. In Gwaii Hanaas, guests board a classic De Havilland Beaver, a true-icon of Canada’s bush country and purpose built for accessing the country’s most remote and rugged areas.
The DHC-2 Beaver’s reputation is so renowned and its dependability so sought after worldwide that more Beavers were built in Canada than any other aircraft. The Canadian Engineering Centennial Board even named this plane one of the 10 most important engineering achievements of the 20th century.
These vintage single-pilot planes also aged with grace. A DHC-2 Beaver manufactured in the 1950s would have sold for less than USD$50,000 brand new. Today, with more than half a century of service, they could fetch up to half-a-million dollars!
So whether you’re travelling with us aboard the William James Roué designed iconic schooner Passing Cloud or flying in the De Havilland Beaver high above the Haida Gwaii wilderness, you’ll be carried by a true Canadian classic.

New Autumn Dates!

The Southern Gulf Island archipelago is beautiful year round, but there is something particularly magical about being aboard the Passing Cloud in the fall. We’re excited to share with you our brand new 2014 Autumn in Gulf Islands National Park expedition, featuring the unique opportunity to experience the Salish Sea – Canada’s wildlife riviera – at the most picturesque time of the year.

The climate is ideal for exploring the islands between Nanaimo and Sidney, as outdoor enthusiasts and B.C. coast explorers experience the fascinating ecology and cultural natural history of this region.

Only three sailings are available, so space is limited. The five-day expeditions depart October 15, 20 and 25, 2014. 

All Gulf Islands National Park expeditions begin and end in Sidney. 


More Expeditions to the Great Bear Rainforest:

We have added new 2015 sailing dates to the Great Bear Rainforest for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers to experience the glory of one of the largest remaining tracts of unspoiled temperate rainforest left, voted one of the top 20 places in the world you need to visit by National Geographic Traveler. These 8- and 9-day expeditions aboard the Passing Cloud give us the chance to explore this beautiful ecosystem and search for wildlife, like whales, dolphins, bears and sea lions. Eight-day sailings depart: May 22, 31, and August 23. Nine-day sailings depart: September 1, 10, 19, 28.


For a full list of expedition dates aboard the Passing Cloud, give us a ring at 1-855-714-7233 or click to


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