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I had the pleasure of sailing with the Prystay Family in early July along the epic coast of Haida Gwaii, Northern British Columbia. The Prystays were such a fantastic group and their trip so chock-full of amazing moments that I wanted to find a way to share it with the greater Outer Shores family. Thankfully they were generous enough to lend words and pictures from their trip which we’ve included below. 

I hope you enjoy reading about The Prystay’s experience as much as I have.



Five Questions: The Prystay Family Upon their Return from Haida Gwaii

1) How would you describe your travel style or philosophy?

We always like to incorporate our strong desire for relaxation with a structured unstructured agenda. We like flexibility in a stimulating environment that offers room for learning and experiencing, but in a format that we can do what we want as our need dictates. Our daily life is pressed upon constantly by time constraints and decision making so it is wonderful to be able to let a day unfold as we wish with the ability to pick and choose how we would like to participate, with many options available. We like comfort and an uncluttered, uncomplicated approach to travel. We love excellent food and drink and always appreciate the opportunities for cultural and artistic experiences.

2) What were the favourite things you did, experienced, or learned during your expedition?

We saw a resident pod of killer whales, several sightings of humpback whale – mother and baby, a seal jumped right onto my daughter’s kayak! Rock plateaus layered with sea lions, puffins, oyster catchers and on and on. Seeing all this amazing sea life with such a passionate, warm, talented and informative crew deepened our experiences because they could explain details about what we were seeing. They took us out every day in the Zodiac to hike and look at the flora and fauna, or to explore the shoreline bringing sea life up from the bottom into the boat for all to see and touch explaining habitat and environmental issues.

3) What gear did you use the most or wish you had brought on your expedition?

I wish I had knee high rubber boots for getting in and out of the Zodiac – my ankle boots were a bit short at times! The weather range went from extremely windy, rainy and cold to sunny clear, warm and calm. We all had the necessary layering concept working –  water/wind repellent jackets and pants and a good wool sweater down to shorts and T’s to enjoy any kind of day to be had!

For anyone travelling on the west coast I would say to definitely dress for the extremes so the enjoyment of the magnificent scenery, smells and wildlife can be enjoyed unhampered.

4) What would you say to anyone who is considering travelling to the BC Coast?

The Passing Cloud is a fantastic way to travel – we’d recommend it completely. It is the most beautiful, majestic and comfortable boat we have been on with its wonderful dining and seating galley below for hanging out. The kids could colour and play down below in total luxury. And when she unfurled her sails – it was magical! Everyone had a turn at the wheel to feel her glide through the water and could participate in the charting of the next day’s course.

5) How would you sum up your expedition in 3 words?

Inspirational, Exhilarating, Educational.


The Prystay Family



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