Gwaii Haanas Islands on Edge: Day 2

This morning we awoke to the aromas of breakfast cooking and fresh brewed coffee. As we all slowly came to life taking in the fresh ocean breeze out on deck it was time once again to bring up the anchor and head out for the day. First stop: Windy Bay.

I had become aware of Windy Bay in 2013 when the Legacy Pole was risen and was curious to see it in person. As we walked through the old growth forest I had a chance to connect with the two young girls who were the Haida Watchmen on site. One was working towards her PHD in anthropology, the other was an avid student of the Haida language and just getting ready to begin her post secondary education. They were both so passionate about their culture, about their language, and about the preservation of it. Being a young person myself, I find it refreshing to find peers so motivated to understand their heritage and excited to gain incite into where they came from. We meandered through the forest observing culturally modified tress (CMTs), towering spruce and cedar, and listened to stories of the area.


This walk was one of the highlights of the trip for me. Weeks before the expedition began, I was writing with one of the guests who would be onboard and she said what she hoped for most was quiet moments to be left alone in the forest, on the beach or wherever else. Reflecting back over my time in Haida Gwaii, these were the moments that stood out to me. There is something profoundly calming and healing about spending time in nature. Having a chance to simply walk through the woods examining the trees and just be.

That afternoon we set back out in search of wild life. As we continued our way south, we made sure to stop to try our luck at fishing before the days end. I love fishing. I find playing a fish one of the most exhilarating things in the world, but nothing beats being able to share the experience with someone catching their first fish. Today we were able to drop a couple lines off of Scudder and allow our guests to experience it for themselves. Within minutes we landed three black rock fish, brought them up onboard and gave the guests a cleaning demonstration. That night chef Geoff beautifully prepared the fresh catch for us. Does it get any better than that?