the 2022 bamfield
fungus festival

A Special Themed Stay at Outer Shores Lodge featuring guest expert Andy MacKinnon

West Coast Vancouver Island, Canada | Credit: James Thompson

Sept. 20th - 24th, 2022
$550 per night/ per person

The Bamfield Fungus Festival strives to be an event that celebrates inclusion and diversity, of both mushrooms and people and we are excited to be participating in this wonderful event this year. To celebrate, we are offering a very special Outer Shores Lodge stay that will focus on the ecological highlights of the season: bears, salmon, rainforests, and mushrooms!

We’re extremely fortunate to have mushroom and rainforest ecology expert Andy Mackinnon joining us at the lodge throughout the festival, and we’ll be hosting excursions and experiences that blend our traditional exploration of the wildlife and culture of Bamfield and Barkley Sound with Andy’s incredible insights into the magnificent world of mushrooms and rainforests.

Rainforest and Mushroom Expert Andy MacKinnon | Photo courtesy of Andy MacKinnon

Our special guest Andy MacKinnon has literally written the books on rainforests and mushrooms. In addition to being an ecologist, author, activist and politician, Andy is renowned for his talents as an educator. 

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