Outer Shores Lodge

At the Edge of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Outer Shores Lodge, Bamfield, British Columbia | Photo Credit: Owen Perry

May through September
3, 4, 5, or 7-nights
Starting at $2,950 CAD/person
Outer Shores Lodge, Vancouver Island, BC

Outer Shores Lodge welcomes guests year-round for a wide range of experiences on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Join us between May and September for our All-Inclusive Eco-Lodge stay or Private Wilderness Retreats that feature the Outer Shores approach to balancing escape, relaxation, education, conservation, and inspiration.

Embark on guided boat excursions to discover hidden coves and remote islands, or join interpretive beach and rainforest walks to immerse yourself in the region’s rich biodiversity. Take to the waters with sea kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, allowing you to connect intimately with the ocean. Snorkelling adventures provide opportunities to encounter the mesmerizing marine life beneath the waves. Delve into the local Indigenous cultural heritage with a guided tour of an ancient village site. And, of course, get ready for thrilling encounters with the coastal wildlife that call this pristine environment home and capture unforgettable moments through photography.

With no distractions other than the sounds of the waves, during our All-Inclusive Eco-Lodge stays you’ll find yourself completely removed from the stresses and demands of everyday life. The wide variety of outdoor activities available, such as hiking, kayaking, and wildlife viewing, provides endless opportunities for adventure, exploration, and learning. Whether you choose to embark on a guided tour or venture out on your own, you’ll discover a world of natural wonders that will leave you feeling recharged and invigorated.

Highlights & Inclusions

Enjoy a wide range of experiences and activities, including wildlife viewing and photography, sea kayaking, paddle boarding, interpretive beach and forest walks, coastal hiking, wildlife photography, and boat-based excursions.

Use of all outdoor gear, including rubber boots, rain gear, walking sticks, wetsuits, snorkelling gear, sea kayaks, paddle boards, and all amenities including hot tub, steam shower, games room, and more.

Chef-prepared meals featuring local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients, and all guided tours and excursions, and concierge and house-keeping services.

Available as Private Wilderness Retreats for family reunions, celebrations, workshops, and retreats.

Activities and Experiences


3, 4, 5, or 7-nights
Starts / Ends
Outer Shores Lodge
Something for Everyone!
Physical REquirements
Low to Moderate


Our 3-7 night All-Inclusive Eco-Lodge Stays truly offer something for everyone. Like our expeditions aboard the schooner Passing Cloud, our Lodge Stays are tailored to the weather, tides, and seasonal wildlife events, as well as the interests and ambitions of our guests. Whether it’s restorative relaxation, discovery and learning, or high-output adventure, we truly want your stay with us to be what you want it to be. All of the experiences and activities we offer at Outer Shores Lodge are included in our pricing, and all are completely optional. Below we’ve provided a sample 4-night itinerary that we hope will give you a sense of what our lodge stays hold in store for you, enjoy!

Day 1
Travel to Bamfield, Settle into Accommodation, Begin your Adventure!

There are a few ways to travel to Bamfield and Outer Shores Lodge, including self-driving from Port Alberni (the road was recently upgraded and it’s great!), passenger ferry from Port Alberni, or seaplane from Vancouver, Nanaimo, or Tofino. Whichever method you chose, we’ll greet you and transport you the short remaining distance to the lodge and settle you into your accommodations. Depending on your arrival time, you’ll have time to visit the lookout bluff, stroll West Bamfield’s historic boardwalk, walk to Brady’s Beach, or just settle in with a book and glass of wine before enjoying your first chef-prepared dinner with us.

Day 2
Sea Kayaking, Bear Viewing, Rainforest Walks/Hikes

How you spend your days at the lodge is entirely up to you. We’ll provide the options for you daily, and you decide what’s best for you. For example, this morning after breakfast we’ll send you for a guided or self-guided morning of sea kayaking in Bamfield Inlet or nearby Grappler Inlets. There is lots of marine wildlife that you’re likely to encounter in the protected waters of these inlets, including seals, sea lions, river otters, mink, bald eagles, kingfishers, herons, and black bears. Especially during low tides, both inlets are a great place to encounter and quietly enjoy watching black bears rolling rocks in search of intertidal prey, such as crabs, barnacles, and small fish.

This afternoon, if you feel like stretching your legs in the surrounding coastal temperate rainforest, we have several great options for both short walks and longer hikes (including full-day hikes). Sometimes we’ll do these as fully guided interpretive excursions, and sometimes our guests prefer self-guided adventures, in which case we’ll set you up with a packed lunch and all the required safety gear.

Day 3
Boat Excursions, Wildlife Viewing, Snorkelling

Boat excursions are a favourite part of our all-inclusive lodge stays between May and early October. Our vessel is a 7.3 m/24 ft rigid hull inflatable boat that is very well suited to exploring Barkley Sound and the nearby Deer Group Islands. Our boat excursions are typically 2-3 hours in duration, during which we explore stunning coastlines, bays, inlets, and narrow passages. We typically encounter a wide range of wildlife during our boat-based adventures, including seals, sea lions, whales, porpoises, sea otters, and several species of seabirds. We also frequently encounter black bears foraging in the intertidal zone, which is always a highlight!


Another increasingly popular activity and wonderful experience available is snorkeling/free diving. Whether you stay at the surface or dive down a few metres for a closer look, you’re sure to be impressed by wide range of colourful marine life found right in front of the lodge, including purple sea stars, lemon nudibranch, shiner and striped perch, kelp greenlings, kelp crabs, and kelp forests, and giant red sea urchins. You might even be lucky enough to spot an octopus! We have complete sets of wetsuits and snorkelling gear available for you to use, and a hot tub for a post-snorkel warm up.

Day 4
Low Tide Excursions, Ancient Huu-ay-aht Village of Kiixin

Today we have two exciting “main events”. The first is an interpretive excursion at the beach right in from of the lodge to explore the tidepools and intertidal marine life that’s exposed at low tide. From pink encrusting sponges and iridescent seaweed to blood stars, lemon peel nudibranch, and clown-like hermit crabs, this is a super fun and interesting event for everyone.

Later this morning, we’ll cross to East Bamfield where we’ll meet our Huu-ay-aht First Nation guide and travel to the trailhead for our visit to the ancient village and fortress of Kiixin (pronounced “kee-hin”). This unique cultural tour begins with a boardwalk walk through a beautiful stand of old-growth forest during which our guide will point out and discuss several types of culturally modified trees (CMTs). Upon arrival at this spectacular ocean-front village, our guide will take us on a journey through the past, present, and future of Huu-ay-aht cultural history and contemporary world views. As part of this journey, we’ll tour the standing and remains of the massive wooden long houses that once stood here, now both overgrown and preserved by the surrounding rainforest.

Day 5
Final Morning Activities, Post-Breakfast Farewells, and Departure

On the final morning of your stay at Outer Shores Lodge you’ll have time for a last visit to the Bluff or early morning walk to Brady’s Beach, or even a quick paddle or dip in the ocean! After breakfast and farewells your journey home, or onto your next adventure will begin. Until next time, thanks for joining us!

All-Inclusive Eco-Lodge Stays

# of Nights
3 Nights
$2,950 per guest
May 18 – September 15, 2024
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4 Nights
$3,895 per guest
May 18 – September 15, 204
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5+ Nights
$4,495 per guest*
May 18 – September 15, 2024
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*starting at, per guest

All prices in Canadian dollars. Taxes and gratuities not included. 

Please inquire about our customized pricing for Small Group retreats, reunions, vacations, and celebrations!

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