Oriana Smy

Creature Feature

Creature Feature: Abalone

Creature Feature: AbaloneThe fastest snail in the west! First Nations traditionally harvested northern abalone, or pinto abalone, on the BC Coast primarily for food and

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Interesting Facts and Resources

Crew and A: Jacqueline Randen

Crew and A: Jacqueline Randen For our next Crew and A, I sat down with Captain Jacqueline Randen, or “Captain Jacq”, one of Canada’s few female

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Expedition Log

Gwaii Haanas – Expedition Log: Day 9

Gwaii Haanas July 3-11, 2018Crew: Captain Russell Markel, Deckhand Oriana Smy, Expedition Chef Erin Vickers, and Onboard Specialist: Graham “Jaahljuu” Richard Disclaimer: Each day aboard the

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