Gwaii Haanas: Islands at the Edge Day 5





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We made it to SGang Gwaay today! We loaded into the zodiac bright and early and made our way towards shore to ensure we arrived in time to witness the morning light pouring in over the village site. As we walked in from the west side of the island over the wooden board walk through the forest we took the time to be quiet and prepare ourselves for what was ahead.


The Haida Watchmen who led us through the park, Ken, was a remarkable storyteller who had been traditionally trained to tell all the stories of the Haida culture. He gave us detailed accounts of each of the poles as we made our way through the village site. As we quietly made our way through the village listening to Ken tell us stories of his history it was clear how much pride and respect existed for this place.


Before we knew it, it was time to make our way back to the ship, but not before meandering back through the woods and taking an opportunity to see Ken’s remarkable carvings.

That afternoon we had lunch on the aft deck as made our way to section cove for the evening. We enjoyed an afternoon of sailing – although the winds were so light it made it difficult to get much speed. Before settling into our anchorage we also had the opportunity to fish alongside a few humpbacks!


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