Gwaii Haanas: Islands at the Edge Day 4

Today was a very rainy day. Our first day in the real Haida Gwaii rain, but it was still an excellent day. We spent the morning visiting the Lyman Point checking out the Puffin colony and getting some great photo opportunities before heading to the Gordon Islands on the west side of the archipelago. At the Gordon Group we piled into the Zodiac in the pouring rain and headed out on “Captain’s Special Zodiac tour.” We headed out around to the west side of the islands, in between the rocks as the ocean swell raised us up and down. We checked out the intertidal zone, watched the swell, then headed back around to jump onto shore and go for a walk up to higher ground. We climbed up and took a moment to sit, take in the view, relax and snack on a few salal berries. By this time the rain had subsided and we were able to explore at our own pace and take in this remote little island before heading back for lunch.


Today put our chef’s skills to the test, or rather highlighted them. He had planned on serving gazpacho (a cold tomato soup) but once he realized we were venturing off into the rain and experienced the chill on the zodiac tour, he requested to be dropped off on the ship early, and he quickly adapted to the day and put out an amazing warm soup, perfect for a rainy day!


The rest of the afternoon we were able to stay warm inside, get cozy and relax as we headed towards Louscone inlet. By this time the skies had cleared and it had turned into a peaceful and dry evening. Louscone is a crew favorite swim spot! So Russ, Joel, one brave guest Judith and myself took the plunge into the cool Haida Gwaii waters – granted my plunge was a very quick one!


That evening anchored in a quiet bay off of the inlet we were lucky enough to meet up with good friends of the crew, Kai and Andrea. The couple is currently sailing around Haida Gwaii on their own sailing ship and decided to hop onboard and join us for dessert. The guests and crew alike loved to here off all the adventures the couple has encountered over the past 17 years living and travelling on their sailboat!