Mate & Expedition Guide

Michael Monk

Expedition Team

“Everything in the universe is always changing; much wisdom resides in learning how to let go and to effortlessly change with it.”

– Michael Monk

Michael was raised in Europe by nomadic parents hailing from Canada’s eastern shore. He migrated to the west coast to study science after surviving two unbearably frigid Ottawa winters. After graduating with a BSc in biology from UVic, it was completely natural to spend a summer living in a tent on a remote beach near Bamfield. For several years following this escapade he voyaged offshore as a commercial fisheries biologist along the coasts of BC, Alaska and Australia. Included among his list of notable accomplishments are snowboarding on Unalaska Island, surviving a deadly rip current while frolicking in the waters of Eurobodalla National Park, surfing with a sea turtle in Costa Rica and sharing a very intimate, luminescent moment with a sea lion in Frederick Sound.
A carpenter of 15 years, Michael currently resides in Steveston, BC where he works on various boat projects while dividing his leisure time between sailing, surfing, and songwriting while meditating on the virtues of a life lived near the sea.