Founder - Outer Shores Lodge

Scott Wallace

Operations Team

“Counting fish is just like counting trees  except that they are invisible and keep moving.” 

– John Shepard, University of South Hampton

Scott is a lifelong biologist most happy when wearing gumboots and being with people in the outdoors. As owner-operator of Outer Shores Lodge in partnership with Russell Markel, he brings forward this enthusiasm and passion with guests. Before pivoting to Outer Shores Lodge, Scott worked as a marine ecologist at the David Suzuki Foundation for 15 years in the capacity of Senior Research Scientist. He is an educator, author, activist, naturalist, and fisheries researcher whose career has focused on marine conservation. Scott holds a PhD from the University of British Columbia and has taught several university and college level courses on the marine and coastal ecology of British Columbia. Scott currently teaches courses with North Island College’s Adventure Guiding program and UBC’s Haida Gwaii Institute