Passing Cloud at Outer Shores Lodge





You asked for it and we heard you! Ever since we announced the opening of Outer Shores Lodge this past spring, so many of you have had one question for us:

 “Is Passing Cloud going to be at Outer Shores Lodge?”

And now the answer is YES!

Yes, from March through  May 2023, our classic wooden schooner Passing Cloud will be porting at Bamfield for a series of 4-night, 5-night, and 7-night Outer Shores experiences that combine all the extra comforts of Outer Shores Lodge with the opportunity to explore the BC coast aboard Passing Cloud.  You can find all the dates and availability for this special series of lodge stays here.

What this means is that during these unique Outer Shores Lodge stays, you will be relaxing, dining (mostly), and sleeping in big comfortable beds with private bathrooms and enjoying all the amenities afforded to us at Outer Shores Lodge, AND sailing aboard the incredible Passing Cloud exploring Barkley Sound and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve as part of  your excursions.

We’re thrilled to be able to bring Passing Cloud to Bamfield to sail this incredible part of the world throughout the spring of 2023 and to celebrate we are offering two distinct experiences for our combined Outer Shores Lodge stay / Passing Cloud voyages itineraries: Herring & Grey Whales Migration and Pacific Rim Explorer.

Our Herring & Grey Whales Migration itineraries (March-April 2023) give you the chance to witness firsthand two of the great ecological events on the BC coast. Each March and early April, millions of adult Pacific herring arrive on the northwest side of Barkley Sound, depositing and fertilizing their eggs along the shoreline. At that same time, thousands of grey whales migrate along the west coast of Vancouver Island, making stops along the way at key locations, like Barkley Sound, for the herring spawn. The result is an amazing early spring congregation of coastal wildlife that arrives in Barkley Sound to feast on herring eggs and the herring themselves. And you can see it all from aboard Passing Cloud and zodiac excursions off ship.

Meanwhile, our Pacific Rim Explorer itineraries (April-May 2023) take us on an exploration of the ecosystems, wildlife, natural history, Indigenous cultures, and the post-contact era of Barkley Sound and the Broken Group Islands of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. These itineraries give you the opportunity to immerse yourself entirely in the rhythms, ecosystems, and deep cultural history of this remarkable region as it comes alive throughout the spring. We’ll be on the lookout for bald eagles, black bears feeding along the shore, as well as mink, river otters, seals, sea lions, and whales, all while also learning about and exploring the thousands of years of Indigenous habitation here. And because it’s spring on the Pacific Flyway, we also expect to see a diversity coastal birds, including kingfishers, mergansers, harlequin ducks, bufflehead, goldeneye, oystercatchers, cormorants, grebes, loons, turnstones, bald eagles, geese, and a wide variety of songbirds.

And, finally, with short distances to travel within Barkley Sound, we’re very excited that we will be able to spend more time sailing than we are able to in Gwaii Haanas or the Great Bear Rainforest, enjoying and experiencing what we like to call “Passing Cloud Magic”.

You can view the full combination itineraries here

We hope to see you at Outer Shores Lodge and aboard Passing Cloud in Spring 2023! 


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